Many people don't know this, but I actually grew up in an LGBTQ household. Yeah, you heard that right. I remember as a child, it definitely wasn't the norm. It was so taboo to talk about it too. I remember when my little sister told our babysitter that our mom showered with her "girlfriend" and at that age I thought that was something we shouldn't tell people and we should hide. As I got older I realized that those were gross beliefs that were shoved into my head by now distant relatives. I had two moms from age 7 - til now.. My mom's split up in 2016, but that doesn't change that I still have two of them. (Also, yes, I have a dad. For some reason that's one of the first questions I get when people find out I was raised by two women.) ANYWAYS. If you're worried about finding a photographer that's not going to be waving their rainbow flag way up high in the air for you, you KNOW that I got you. I'm not here to judge anyone's life or choices, I'm here to be your new BFF and celebrate you and all the love between you.