I remember this day so well. It was in September. I remember that we had such a good summer here in Montana without smoke, which is fairly unusual to go through July and August being able to breathe. On Becca and Michael's wedding day, the smoke started rolling in just before their ceremony. The ceremony was so sweet, Becca's father played the song on the guitar and sang with her mother. A few close relatives stood and said some special words and a ring warming ceremony was held. During this ceremony, the rings are passed between the guests and family members and held for a few moments by each one while they make a silent wish, blessing, or prayer for the couples marriage. After the ceremony and family photos, Becca, Michael and I headed to Apgar Village to do some private portraits before heading back to the reception at Glacier Homestead to dance and party the rest of the evening away.

Venue: Glacier Homestead - Glacier Raft Co.